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Truby Achievements

What you get:

Immediate change in leadership mindset, and revelation. A revelation that your Leadership Motis Operendi is both working with you, and sometimes against you.


You already know that the leadership of any organization directly impacts a team's performance, the financial bottom line...even the sustainability of the business. It is undeniable;

"As goes the leader, so goes the company!"

HOWEVER, a "leader" who confirms they believe the above statement, may STILL be ineffective because they are making leadership mistakes they aren't even aware of. We have blind spots.

Countless times during our business coaching of changing a "ho hum" business into an exciting success, we have seen this truth: An ineffective leader is the last to know he or she is ineffective! After all, who, in their right mind, is going to tell their boss that they have a leadership problem? And if no one tells the leader, the leader simply doesn't know.

To help leaders understand their blind spots,
AND correct unintentional leadership mistakes,
we have created this powerful...even "life-changing" training
"The 10 Mistakes Leaders Make."

The content is a compilation of four decades of experience and observation. During this training, we will not only reveal and explain these mistakes, we'll show you how to easily fix them.

Luckily, a change in habit from a change in mindset can happen immediately and doesn't require a lot of time to learn something new. It only requires learning a new truth and being honest with yourself in light of that truth.

-Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM, Midwest GeoSciences Group.

You're Invited

Experience your own revelation on October 20th. A lot can happen in one hour with LIVE LEADERSHIP TRAINING.

YOU'RE INVITED to join us so don't make the 11th mistake of holding on to your blind spots. more thing: It will be important to understand ALL 10 mistakes, and not fall into the trap of saying, "Whew, I only make one or two of them." If you go there, it would be like the "mythical talking chain" who says, "I am strong enough. I only have one or two links that are weak."

Join us to look honestly into a leadership mirror; understand which mistakes you might be making; and fix the weaknesses - immediately!

through Truby Achievements

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