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The Texas Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists and Midwest GeoSciences Group have partnered to provide discounted continuing education webinars to AIPG-TX members on important topics such as groundwater and karst, hydrogeology, soil and rock mechanics, seismic hazards, Google Earth PRO, engineering geology, drones, geologic issues with risk assessment, environmental site characterization and remediation, and geologic resource management.

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Plus AIPG-TX members have access to a wide variety of project management, marketing, and leadership development - AND ONLINE ETHICS TRAINING by our friend, Dr. Chris Matthewson at Texas A&M University.


  • Provide meaningful online education to AIPG-TX and the environmental and engineering geology industry as a whole. Topics to include:

    • Groundwater and Karst
    • Aquifer Testing: Slug Tests, Pumping Tests and Packer Testing
    • Soil and Rock mechanics
    • Hydrogeologic Analysis
    • Contaminants of Concern
    • Engineering Geology
    • Environmental-based Geophysics
    • Geologic issues with risk assessment
    • Vapor Intrusion
    • Environmental site characterization and remediation
    • Google Earth PRO
    • Drones for GeoScience and Engineering
    • Ethics
    • Project Management, Marketing and Leadership Development

  • Provide AIPG-TX members with access to online hydrogeologic and geotechnical education.
  • Share income revenue with AIPG-TX.
  • Special AIPG-TX features and handouts.
  • Showcase select AIPG-TX webinars to the public free of charge.


We are in a profession that demands sound technical judgments and decisions with fearless integrity and clear accuracy. It's critical that we together in the environmental and engineering industry choose wisely when it comes to learning and skill development.

For over fifteen years, Midwest GeoSciences Group has ensured high-quality, relevant, and meaningful educational experiences. Our programs are designed by practitioners who are recognized in their field and demonstrate the ability to connect with people and teach in a meaningful way.

Despite our pride in our webinar quality, we are humbled to serve professionals in this unique way through education, skill-development, and personal achievement.

Time is valuable to all of us. We respect people's time and we don't bait and switch with our advertising nor do we share or sell our membership list.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is motivated by serving people, not cross-selling. We hope our collaborative online connection with the AIPG-TX membership helps fulfill our human purpose and successfully achieves responsible global stewardship.

Interested in teaching a webinar in this program?
Call Dan Kelleher at 763.607.0092


It's simple. Just select your on-demand webinar and order it using this Promotional Code:


  • Login to your MidwestGeo Membership Account (it's free and fast to create).
    • If you don't have an account, start by creating one here
  • Click Into Library of On-Demand Webinars (Webinars->On Demand Webinars)
  • Register for one-or-more On-Demand Webinars (they will be added to your cart)
  • Check Out
    • Enter the 'Promotion Code' provided above, confirm your 'Contact Information' and click-on 'Continue Checkout'
    • Complete your Check Out and click-on 'Place My Order'
    • On-Demand Webinars are immediately available
  • All On-Demand Webinars are available via your 'Members Page' (Members Area->Members Page)
    • Find the section labeled 'On-Demand Webinars :: Active Webinars'
    • Retrieve the 'Materials' and 'View the Webinar'
    • After viewing, you may 'Order a Certificate' and 'Take a Survey'

Price per on-demand webinar: $129

AIPG-TX receives a portion of the revenue when anyone uses the AIPG Promotional Code.

Program Terms and Conditions here

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