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Customized Training


Midwest GeoSciences Group's on-site education and training programs give you access to the best professional instruction from industry leading professionals. Whether you need project specific technical training or critical skills, Midwest GeoSciences Group can design and deliver a program that meets the goals and objectives of your staff and organization.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is growing into a premier training provider for geologists, environmental scientists and engineers around the world.

Proven Benefits

• Launch Employee Performance - On-site education and training programs are directly tailored to your employees' needs. They drive the content, steer the issues, and accelerate improvement given the confidential forum to discuss potentially sensitive proprietary applications.

• For Practitioners by Practitioners - For the past 12 years, we have listened and learned from past course attendees about common problems we all face during environmental and engineering projects. We bring that unique perspective along with our own experience to help you solve problems and reach new performance heights.

• Customizable - Targeted education and training to fit the objectives for your projects and company. On-site private courses focus solely on your staff needs, your projects objectives while taking into account individual state regulations and company standards. Our proven and practical course exercises are powerful learning tools.

• Economical - Eliminate employee travel expenses. Minimize downtime. Maintain direct time using your project data as course examples while providing QA/QC for your project information. Nurture your staff using on-site education for employee retainage while developing their skills.

• Convenience - You choose the location and the schedule, even weekends. Simple course logistics, no travel, no hassle.

You get the same professional industry leaders for instructors as our public educational courses, but at significant savings. Bringing a program directly to your staff can reduce your per person costs by more than 50%.

All of our courses are available for on-site instruction. We can design them for 4-hour, 8-hour and 2-day durations and can use your field project site for important hands-on skill development if your project conditions allow it. Some popular topics include:

  1. Improve Your Soil Boring Logs*
  2. Improve Your Rock Core Logs*
  3. Subsurface Characterization: Solving Problems in the Field and Thinking on Your Feet*
  4. Improving Hydrogeologic Analysis of Fractured Bedrock
  5. Basic Aquifer Testing: Slug Testing and Pumping Tests*
  6. Advanced Aquifer Testing for Improved Hydrogeologic Site Characterization
  7. Assessing Ground Water Movement and Contaminant Migration Through Aquitards
  8. Improving the Description and Characterization of Glacial Successions
  9. Improving Your Personal and Project Management Skills
* (field component possible per your project conditions)

For details regarding on-site education and/or needs-based training opportunities, please send an email to or contact:

Mr. Dan Kelleher, P.G.
Midwest GeoSciences Group
1950 Greyhound Pass
Suite 18-200
Carmel, IN 46033-7630 USA
Phone: 763.607.0092

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