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On-Demand Webinars

Pay one site registration fee and an unlimited number of participants from your organization can attend at that site. We are thrilled to grow our library of ON-DEMAND WEBINARS that show case some of the most valuable attributes:

  • Meaningful Subjects
  • Recognized Expert Instructors
  • Affordable
  • CEU certificates available to order from Northern Illinois University
  • 90-minute sessions that include the unlimited Question and Answer (post-webinar) session
  • Unlimited attendance at one location from one computer site
  • Every webinar includes at least two free handouts:
    • Webinar Session Slides
    • Record of Attendance Forms
  • Candid and expert insights that are found nowhere else on the web

"Thanks to MidWest GeoSciences for having these webinars available to complete my continuing education for my PG. What I really like is the wide range of topics and expertise of the people giving the webinars."
- Robert Trahan, Michael Pisani and Associates

"I truly enjoyed the Midwest Geoscience Group 'Designing and Optimizing Groundwater Monitoring Systems in Sedimentary Sequences Part 3' webinar. It was really stimulating to listen to the applicability of fundamental geologic principles to real life case studies. The instructors did an outstanding job explaining vertical seepage rates and preferential flow paths in aquitards as well as emphasizing the importance of deposition in understanding sediment extent and connectivity." (See the full testimonial)
- Ada Lichaa, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality

"The Midwest Geosciences Group live webinars provide an excellent medium for providing cost-effective training and education for a large number of our staff. Their well rounded and informative presentations cover a wide spectrum of up-to-date topics geared towards making our staff excel in the geosciences and environmental fields."
- Daniel J. Lombardi, P.G., Principal Hydrogeologist, St. John Mittelhauser & Associates, Inc.

"Webinars allow us to hear leading experts from Midwest GeoSciences Group teach a topic without us leaving the building...with no travel costs. Your webinar was well organized, user friendly, smooth, and had great graphics."
- Karen Nelson, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

"Thanks to MidwestGeo for great webinars! The content is very relevant for us, as an environmental consultancy. The presenters are very good and we appreciated the big welcome to the people watching in Ashgrove, Brisbane! We look forward to upcoming webinar(s)..."
- Lexine Webb, Office Manager; Waste Solutions Australia PTY LTD

"Thank You to those past participants who rely on MidwestGeo On-Demand Webinars! Midwest GeoSciences Group recognize the difficulty in keeping up to date with technical advances in our environmental and engineering industry. What we strive to do is provide meaningful education and training that you can readily use in your own work. We are motivated to serve you and hope that our collaborative efforts fulfill our human purpose and global stewardship."
- Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM, Midwest GeoSciences Group

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Online Course Options

These course packages are different than webinars alone or by subscription. Each includes starter videos and
self-assessments, study materials, a Final Exam, and a CEU Cert from Northern Illinois University.