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On-Demand Webinars

Part 1 Landfill Leachate:
Occurence, Fate, Transport and Remediation

This webinar will present a valuable overview of landfill leachate from its origin, on-site handling, treatment and disposal, and environmental monitoring.

In this webinar we will discuss the formation and characteristics of leachate as a basis for understanding the challenges it creates from an on-site management perspective and environmental protection. We will discuss how leachate is managed at modern landfills and strategies for monitoring the environment. In addition, we will present important information for personnel sampling leachate, and for those evaluating environmental monitoring data.

For landfills, leachate is the driver behind many state and federal regulations designed to prevent a release to the environment. These regulatory requirements will also be presented.

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • Source and formation of leachate.
  • Characteristics of leachate.
  • Landfill design and leachate collection systems.
  • On-site management issues.
  • Environmental risks posed by leachate.
  • Treatment and disposal alternatives.
  • Sampling considerations.
  • Monitoring strategies.
  • Identifying environmental impacts.

Attendees will:

  • Understand nature and characteristics of leachate.
  • Know how landfills are designed to contain, manage, and remove leachate.
  • Be able to recognize management problems.
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges facing owner/operators.
  • Help identify treatment and disposal alternatives.
  • Know proper procedures for sampling.
  • Have an understanding of environmental monitoring strategies.
  • Be able to recognize data patterns indicating leachate impact to the environment.

Instructor Bio

Eric Wallis is a hydrogeologist with over 23 years of experience with the solid waste industry and is the President of Wallis Environmental, LLC. He recently joined CTI and Associates, Inc., in Wixom, MI, as a Sr. Hydrogeologist. Prior to forming Wallis Environmental, Mr. Wallis was a Director of Groundwater Protection at more than 50 landfills in 5 states (MI, IN, IL, OH, and WV) for Waste Management, Inc. Prior to joining WM in 2000 he was a consultant to the solid waste industry. In his career Mr. Wallis has performed landfill gas investigations using environmental isotopes, evaluated leachate generation and treatment, developed sampling training programs, written regulations, and supported multiple landfill permits. Mr. Wallis has a BS in geology from Central Michigan University, a MS in Geology from Western Michigan University, and is a licensed attorney.

Fee: 299.00 USD Per Webinar

Downloads: Session Slides (PDF)
Record of Attendance Form (PDF)

Number of Participants: Unlimited from a single computer (Broadcast webinar in your conference room or auditorium for no extra charge)

Continuing Education Certificates: Unlimited. $14.95 each. Official CEU certificates are available as an option and only available at the time of webinar participation from Northern Illinois University. Ordering steps are given at time of webinar order.

Access: On-demand, anytime 24/7.
Access Duration: 24 hours.

Discounts: Buy 3 on-demand webinars, and get 3 on-demand webinars for free!

Duration: 90 minutes
PDH Earned: 1.5 hours
Instructor(s): Eric Wallis, PG

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