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Welcome "Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists"

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists and
Midwest GeoSciences Group announce collaborative online
education and training in engineering and environmental topics.

AEG Members Benefit by:
  • Special discounting
  • Add-ons
  • Instructor Access
  • Opportunity to propose teaching a webinar

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  • Provide meaningful online education to AEG and the environmental and engineering geology industry as a whole. Topics to include:

    • Groundwater and karst
    • Landslides
    • Rock mechanics
    • Seismic hazards
    • Subsidence
    • Engineering geology and forestry
    • Dam rehabilitation and monitoring
    • Geologic issues with risk assessment
    • Environmental site characterization and remediation
    • Flooding and coastal hazards
    • Licensure and professional practice
    • Geologic resource management

  • Provide approved AEG members a platform to present continuing education webinars and 'lessons learned' case studies.

  • Provide discounted webinars to AEG members.

  • Offer select webinars by Midwest GeoSciences Group with special features such as
    pre-webinar AEG forums and handouts.

  • Showcase select AEG webinars to the public free of charge.

  • Use one-time webinar discount to encourage new AEG membership.

  • Enhance AEG income with a share of webinar revenue.

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