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"I've ordered several products from Midwest Geosciences Group over the years but recently had the pleasure of taking several on-demand webinars. I found the cost and content of the webinars to be excellent. The content of the courses and instructors are all excellent. I found it very helpful to have (webinar files) to download at the end of the course for future reference. And the question and answer sessions allowed for good discussion of the content. I will definitely be ordering more courses in the future."
- - Michael J. Brown, P.G., President, Terraquest Environmental Consultants, P.C.

"Every company should make this training mandatory"
- Katie Smith, PG, Senior Consultant

"I have found the MidwestGeo Webinars the best I have ever attended."

"Thanks much! MidwestGeo's elf-paced, on-line courses were a much more productive and enjoyable way to fulfill my remaining LEP continuing ed credit requirements than I could've hoped for....."
- Tim Whiting, LEP, Senior Management Consultant, Ramboll, Inc.

"The course was great, especially the flexibility of the webinar format. I think an important emphasis of the webinar is that we have one chance to get it right logging boreholes, so laying the cores all out on a tarp and examining them in context is a good technique to see a complete picture of the soil profile and the depositional environments and weathering effects. Thanks again."
- Ted Stevens, LEP, Stevens Engineering and Environmental Services, LLC

"It was great to take your on-demand courses."
- Peter A. Hansen, LSRP, LEP, Vice President, EcolSciences, Inc.

"I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed taking the 'Taking the Mystery Out of the Subsurface' class. As a professional geologist with over 25 year's experience, I had never had a formal class on how to prepare borings logs. I learned in the field, on the job, as did most geologists I know. My logs, as well as most I have seen, contain the USCS classification, color, odor, and little else. The class emphasized that noting additional soil characteristics, as well as the stratigraphic unit, is essential to understanding sediment properties. The stratigraphic unit (and by default the depositional environment) is important not only for mapping the subsurface via cross sections, but also in understating the engineering, hydrological, and contaminant fate and transport impacts of the subsurface lithology. As a geologist, my job isn't to just classify the sediment, but to impart an understanding of the depositional environment to aid in the overall site evaluation process."
- Jennifer Lindquist, PG, Senior Geologist, Leaaf Environmental, LLC

"The (9-hour Hydrogeology of Glacial Deposits) online course offers a whole new way of understanding and evaluating till deposits, based on their depositional environments. It's refreshing to see the recent progress in this field."
- Lance Kazzi, LEP, Principal Geologist, Arcadis U.S., Inc.

"This class is a 'must take' for field geologists logging soil. The soil kit and hands-on exercises allow the student to get comfortable in their judgement pertaining to soil classification and remedy the dreaded 'second guessing'. I wish this class was available when I started my journey as a field geologist. Well done Midwest GeoSciences Group!"
- Keith Dyarmett, P.G., LUST Compliance Officer, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

"I attended Truby Achievement Center workshops to improve my management and leadership skills. Bill and Joanne Truby are energetic instructors who are easy to understand and follow. Those workshops have been beneficial to my career, and I look forward to attending future workshops. I recommend Truby Achievement Center training to anyone looking to improve management and leadership skills."
- Alan Stone

"Effective leadership is a direct concept, but not as intuitive as I previously believed. Bill Truby's Live Leadership Training demonstrated the benefit of simple leadership concepts that will remain with me."
- Jack Wassik, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.

"I've attended multiple Truby Acheivements, Inc. events to sharpen my leadership skills. The material is engaging and always pertinent."
- Phil Doyle, PG, Kinder Morgan, Inc.

"I recently attended Bill Truby's leadership training on how to conduct a Defrag/Reboot Meeting. In one short hour, Bill shared his compelling leadership wisdom and insights on how to launch a powerful team restart that includes a sure-fire approach to reestablishing yourself as the unquestionable leader.

He also shared the concept of creating agreements with team members as a calibration point for accountability. This was a new concept to me and I will use it going forward.

I walked away with numerous tools I will implement when I return to my office next week. I highly recommend this training!"

- Marci Huberty, Senior Communications Consultant, Allianz

"The course (Taking the Mystery Out of the Subsurface) is an eye-opener. I learned the key concepts about how good boring logs can positively impact an entire project."
- Tyler Bexton, Hydrogeologist

"We are a Water Resource Management department and (we) review groundwater license applications; (specifically...) pump tests, field tests, hydrogeological reports.

MidwestGeo training helps our hydrogeological knowledge to understand how different aquifer types were formed and their geological characteristics. It also helps us to continue expanding our knowledge of modern technologies and emerging techniques for assessing complex hydrogeologic systems. It is a great opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field of hydrogeology in an accessible manner. The training topics assist us in reviewing and interpreting the data and reports submitted by qualified professionals and then compare them for quality and industry standards.

The online training is easy to access and it helps to have 24-hour access to the same webinar. Plus, it is been a convenient way for our staff to gain professional development hours for the upkeep of their professional designations."

- Yun Yin, Ph.D., P.Geo., Regional Hydrogeologist, North Area
Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development
British Columbia, Canada

"I highly recommend the Taking the Mystery out of the Subsurface Course to anybody who wants to develop or refine their understanding of soil classification and boring logs. It was a practical course that drove home the essentials of this work and included interesting tips and perspectives from the experienced instructors. I especially appreciated the individualized attention that was given to each student to ensure that personal course goals were being met and every question was answered. Highly recommend this course!"
- Annie E. Tucker, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Partners, Inc.

"I found the webinars useful, especially in my new role as Associate Director of the Survey. So many of the talking points can be applied to administrative thinking as well as personal accountability. Thank you for hosting."
- Barbara Lusardi, Geologist and Associate Director, Minnesota Geological Survey

"I just completed the 'Aquifer and Aquitards Heterogeneities' webinar. It was a great help to revisit...(applied geologic principles) at the beginning of the project to help with getting the big picture of the subsurface geology. Then follow up with a drilling program to get the site specific details....making sure the field logs/notes are complete and accurate to allow for good conceptual site model development. Thanks so much for making this primer available. As I have always found with your material....

It was, in a word, exceptional. Well done."

- Karl Reimer, Geo-Environmental Engineer, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

"Midwest GeoScience courses are top shelf!"
- Geoff Kovacik M.Sc. P.Geo., Founder and Principal Hydrogeologist at Connate Water Solutions Inc.

"We are a Water Resource Management department and we evaluate, authorize, and permit groundwater license applications. We review the supportive materials submitted with the applications such as pump tests, field tests, hydrogeological reports.

Midwest GeoSciences Group webinars help us enhance our hydrogeological knowledge to understand how different aquifer types were formed and their geological characteristics. It also helps us to continue expanding our knowledge of modern technologies and emerging techniques for assessing complex hydrogeologic systems. It is also a great opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field of hydrogeology in an accessible manner.

For authorization staff the topics covered has been beneficial to review and interpret the data and reports submitted by qualified professionals and access them for quality and industry standards. The webinars are easy to set up and it is a benefit having 24hrs to access the same webinar if not all our staff were able to watch it at the same time. This has been a convenient way for our staff to gain professional development hours for the upkeep of their professional designations."

- Jun Yin, PhD, British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations.

"I've been pleasantly surprised by how well-done the (MidwestGeo Ethics Webinar) curriculum is. I wasn't expecting to enjoy (these ethics webinars). But that's because I've seen this topic covered sooooooooo pooooooorly that I basically go into these types of webinars not expecting much. I'm looking forward to the next installments!!"
- Candid, anonymous, 2020 ethics webinar participant.

"I have found that taking Midwest GeoSciences Group online to be quite beneficial. I am in a small NW Minnesota town with difficulty to access continuing education credits, especially Ethics for Geologists. Staff is quite helpful and friendly and I gain perspective from the course. I intend to take more online courses from the Midwest GeoSciences Group to update and renew my career knowledge and sphere."
- Rob Merritt, PG

"The webinar (about Horizontal Well Hydraulics) was great quality (sound and visual) and the presentation was informative and accessible. I also appreciate the amount of reference materials provided so I can dig deeper into the math if and when I need to."
- Michael Sherwood, PG, Geologist/Hydrologist, O'Connor Environmental, Inc.

"The webinars I selected were informative and user-friendly with practical insight and guidance.

A key benefit of (MidwestGeo) on-line webinars is they allow you to pick your participation times to minimally interrupt your work day and be available when needed for your co-workers."

- Simon B. Thomas, P.E., LSP, President, Atlantic Design Engineers, Inc.

"I've enjoyed the real convenience (24/7!) and expert instructors of the webinars. It has been a very good experience for me.

I completed (a portion of the required) technical credits for my LSP license renewal through the webinars, given its many topic choices and prompt customer service. Plus, thank you for a green approach for obtaining continuing education credits!"

- Yee Cho, PE, MA LSP

"Another great webinar series directly related to our work."
- Andrew Graham, Eagon and Associates, Inc.

"I have attended multiple Midwest GeoSciences Group Courses since it's inception. These courses address current issues and present modern techniques for addressing those issues. The instructors are experts in their fields, and their presentations are clear and easy to understand. I give Midwest Geosciences an A+ rating, and look forward to attending future courses!"
- Al Stone, Hydrogeologist

"I find MidwestGeo Webinars to be extremely helpful in understanding the most current topics that we are presented with today. I always look forward to viewing these webinars. Any technical (questions) that (I have) are immediately resolved by customer service. Thank you."
- Val T, PG, Portland, Maine

"First let me say that I found the webinars very interesting and pertinent.

It was easy to navigate through the purchase and viewing of the webinars. Finally, the turn-around time for receiving the Certificates of Completion was phenomenal. I was able to get the paperwork to the State on time and therefore renew my license.

Thank you for all your help. I will be looking at Midwest Geosciences Group courses in the future. I hope you will get more approved for CT LEP credit. I also look forward to the opportunity to take one of your field courses. Thank you again."

- Daniel E. White, LEP, Mountain Laurel Environmental, LLC

"The webinar instructors are knowledgeable and teach real-world examples to put things in perspective. Great to hear passionate geoscientists teaching what they know best. Overall, great (online) courses!"
- Andrew Canali, Jacobs Engineering, Inc.

"MidwestGeo webinars are both very informative and enjoyable. Whenever I look for training or CEUs for a specific subject, I always start with Midwest GeoSciences Group!"
- Gary Lasako, Choptank Environmental, LLC

"We have a core group here who watch the webinars every month and they love them. This is such a wonderful opportunity for our technical staff."

"(Part One, Aquifer and Aquitard Heterogeneity) was a great webinar and it has definitely given our group some topics for discussion. Looking forward to the upcoming webinars."
- Sara Nelson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

"This webinar covers important material new to the more junior staff and provided the opportunity for a review of key concepts for the more experienced people. It shows the importance of understanding glacial depositional environments when interpreting glacial sediments."
- David Edwards, Canadian Natural Resources Limited

"It was an excellent webinar! Tim does a very good job of explaining the necessary components of a soil boring log and how to quickly describe each of them. This is very useful to me. I have been wanting to improve my logs and I believe the knowledge I've gained from these webinars will certainly help me achieve my goal."
- Aaron Hottenstein, MS, PG, Senior Consultant, Ramboll

"Fantastic seminar series, I really enjoyed it."
- Mike Harol, Geo-Tech Environmental, Inc.

"Thanks to MidWest GeoSciences for having these webinars available to complete my continuing education for my PG. What I really like is the wide range of topics and expertise of the people giving the webinars."
- Robert Trahan, Michael Pisani and Associates

"I enjoy your course's good instruction."
- Peter McGlew, PG, LSP, Aries Engineering, Inc.

"The 'Achieving Personal and Professional Success' webinar series has helped us as an office reflect on and improve the way we communicate ideas to our project stakeholders. We've truly enjoyed the learning experience and look forward to future professional development webinars with MidwestGeo."
- Mark Pfeiffer, Staff Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants

"Working with the soil kit was by far the most useful training we have had in years. This is such a fundamental skill, but most of us haven't actually studied soil texture since college. It was great to get our hands on known standards and refresh our memories on proper soil characterization methods. Now I know our soil logs will be accurate and reproducible. Worth every penny!"
- Betsy Schamberger, President/Owner. Moonstone Environmental.

"(MidwestGeo) webinars (are) informative, well organized and professional as well as very convenient to my schedule. I fully intend to complete additional webinars in the future, will be recommending to my colleagues and will be incorporating into my own training programs."
- Thomas Williamson, Jr., LSP, President, Willimason Environmental LLC.

"I just took the ETHICS FOR GEOLOGISTS AND ENGINEERS course to gain continuing education credits for my LSP license. I thought the presentation was very good, and my time was well spent watching it. Thank you for providing this useful and relevant course material!"
- Jack Mannix, MA Licensed Site Professional

"Having these as on-demand options for LSP credit is a huge advantage."
- Matt Grove, PhD, LSP, PG, CHMM, Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.

"I've enjoyed the webinars.... (They are) a very effective and convenient way to satisfy continuing education requirements."
- Steve Woodhull, Senior Geologist / Operations Manager, Blaes Environmental Management, Inc.

"The training webinars are of high quality. They were easy to use... We projected our webinars to a large screen TV mounted on the wall in our conference room. We had good clarity for sound and picture...

The content was also appropriate. Personally, I liked the overall message that high quality soil boring logs are essential to better understanding of site characterizations. How can we adequately assess the nature & extent of environmental impact (and the selected remedial actions) without adequate site characterizations."

- Mark Nichter, US Army Corp of Engineers

"As a regulator, I took the webinar because I wanted to see if there were things I was missing when I am reviewing boring log submittals. What I liked about the webinar was it was structured to first remind me of the basics of lithologic logging with the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS), then it discussed the right way to apply the USCS, and progressed into what common mistakes to avoid when preparing or reviewing USCS boring logs.

Furthermore, the follow-up questions from the audience (pre-recorded) were excellent and probing, and well answered by the instructor. I definitely needed this refresher since I have been out of college for a long time but I am still reviewing boring logs on a periodic basis."

- Joey Pace, Hydrogeologist and State Regulator

"(MidwestGeo) webinars are great!"
- Philip M. Peterson, Principal, MA LSP, TERRA Environmental, LLC

"All the webinars that I ordered were excellent, taught by high quality instructors. Each one addressed some (important technical) gaps.

I was able to apply content from 'How to be an Effective Expert Witness' right away. It contains a wealth of information from beginning to end. I think it would appeal to many people from multiple technical disciplines who may testify in court.

I enjoyed the webinars on the 'Hydrogeology of Aquitards and Low Permeability Materials' and the webinar on 'Slug Testing for Site Characterization'. These are important hydrologic subjects that are not usually covered in school curricula. Aquitards are important part of every groundwater project when describing the flow of groundwater in aquifers or the movement of contaminants in groundwater.

I found the webinar 'Five Habits of Highly Successful Marketers: A Win-Win-Win Approach to Marketing Professional Services' especially helpful. It provides insights into a number of practical and useful skills when dealing with people on complex technical projects.

'Advances in the Fate, Transport, and Remediation of Groundwater Contaminants in Fractured Rock: Evaluating the Significance of Matrix Diffusion' is presents information on a topic important for estimating the length of time groundwater contaminate cleanup may require."

- William Ford, Geohydrologist, Federal Agency

"Thanks you for offering this valuable on-line continuing education opportunity I found both parts to be informative and well presented. It was nice to be able to fulfill MN Professional Geologist CEU Ethics requirement on-line."
- Dave Russell

"I have used the Midwest Geosciences Group webinars as refreshers for my professional knowledge on everything from soil identification to rock core logging to aquifer testing to drone usage to GoogleEarth/ArcGIS usage. I say "refreshers" because I do have many years of experience in all of these areas, but it is important for me to periodically assess whether I am overdoing or underdoing something based on how the rest of the geotechnical world is approaching the work.

I have found Midwest Geosciences webinars and tools are perfect for me.

MidwestGeo instructors successfully teach the audience regardless of the age and experience of those in attendance. The participants know clearly what amount of detail they are going to be getting from the webinar before it is ever presented.

The handouts are very well done. And, the presenters are always top-notch and leaders in their areas of expertise. The presentations are often geared toward the educated mid-level professional; they are designed for training those individuals who have some knowledge of the subject, but need more details before venturing in to the field.

The webinars are clearly intended for individuals who need practical, real-world knowledge. I will continue using Midwest Geosciences Group - for learning, for teaching, and for helping in the maintenance of my professional standing."

- Tom Rice, PG

"Midwest Geo webinars were exactly what I needed to complete my LSP renewal. Informative, user-friendly and excellent customer service. I'd recommend them for any LSP or industry professional."
- Todd Nickerson, LSP, Senior Project Manager

"I recently completed (several) MA LSP approved Webinars for CEU's through Midwest GeoSciences Group. The content was very thorough for refreshing relevant issues related to MCP sites, and presented by experts in the Geological Sciences. This is a great way of obtaining credits in short spans of time as an alternative to all day courses. I might add that customer service was very responsive and helpful in clarifying any questions I had."
- Brian W. Longval, Geologist, LSP.

"Midwest GeoSciences Group - Boring Logs On-Demand Webinar was a great re-fresher course. (It ) reminded me how important accurate soil logging is always the framework for future decisions of great consequence. Also that old geologists can get set in their ways and need a re-fresher course now and then to keep them in line."
- Steve Kobberdahl...25 yrs. logging glacial soils in Iowa and Midwest

"I found the webinars to be well-done and informative....."
- Stewart A. Wiley, LSP, Vice President, Haley and Aldrich

"That was easy. Much Appreciated, these webinars will greatly help me renew my MA LSP license."
- Kurt Klages, MA LSP, Jewel Corp, Massachusetts

"The seminar was great : compact, straight to the point, precise, professional environment, etc."
- Jude Tremblay, ing. Le Groupe S.M. International inc., Vice-president Infrastructures, Ouest du Quebec

"Dr. Neuman's course segment on the development of analytical solutions for the unconfined aquifer response to pumping was immediately applicable to my work. His discussion of recent developments in modeling the effects of the unsaturated zone negative pore pressures was excellent."
- Katie Moran, Hydrogeologist, ARCADIS US, Inc.

"Dr. Neuman's course session was riveting, and it provided valuable insight into understanding these components of aquifer system dynamics. I look forward to attending future courses given by Dr. Neuman."
- Cristina Ramacciotti, PG, The ELM Group, Inc.

"Our group thoroughly enjoyed Dr. van der Kamp's webinar on Recovery Testing. I was first introduced to this method by Midwest Geosciences Group's 2011 Aquifer Evaluation webinar series. It was fantastic to go through Dr. van der Kamp's method in more detail. Thank you!"
- Todd Myse, P.G.; Research Hydrogeologist, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

"The (aquifer testing) webinar was really easy to use and the presentation was really clear. The opportunity to hear from and interact with leading experts in the field without having to travel to conferences is an extremely effective way to disseminate information as well as build a community. I strongly recommend these webinars to anyone working in the geosciences, from academics to industry practitioners."
- Andrew Ireson, Hydrogeologist

"Midwest Geosciences consistently offers quality and cost-effective educational opportunities. The Aquifer Testing Webinar Series is very informative; a good mix of technical understanding and practical application. I would recommend a Midwest Geosciences course to any of my colleagues."
- Michael Plante, PG, GISP Associate / Hydrogeologist; LEGGETTE, BRASHEARS & GRAHAM, INC.

"Our team started attending Midwest Geosciences Group's webinars and courses in 2011 and have been using their training services ever since!! The instructors/lecturers who deliver course content are all at the forefront of their respective fields with the webinar materials always being very well organized and conceived. We look forward to participating in future training offered by Midwest Geosciences Group and would recommend their services to other consultancies without hesitation."
- Peter-James A. Mauro, B.Eng., EMPD, P.Eng. Senior Project Manager; Leader - Geoscience Team; RWDI AIR Inc. Ontario, Canada

"I am thoroughly enjoying the "Aquifer Pumping Test Techniques" webinar series. The material is presented in a well-organized and easy-to-understand delivery. From those who may be new to pumping tests to those simply in need of a refresher, this series is spot-on. I've had huge take-aways from these presentations and from the thoughtful questions asked by participants at the conclusion of the presentations. Kudos- very well done."
- Dave Brown, Hydrogeologist, Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc

"I recommend the aquifer testing webinars for people who perform aquifer pumping tests or review data from tests conducted by others. As a regulator, I often have to review aquifer test data and interpretations submitted in the reports. I look forward to learning from the remaining webinars of the series. Thanks."
- Adnan Siddiqui, CHG, Senior Engineering Geologist, Los Angeles

"I would like to commend Midwest Geosciences as providing exceptional technical resources for working professionals in the field of groundwater and hydrogeologic studies. I have been impressed with the individuals who are presenting the webinars and the quality of information provided by Midwest GeoSciences Group. Keep up the good work! I look forward to your future training opportunities. (Jan 2015)"
- Jo House P.E., P.G, House Engineering LLC

"I recently listened to four on-line webinars offered by Midwest GeoSciences Group:
Each webinar is well organized and jam-packed with technical content. The presenters are very knowledgeable and able to make the topics understandable and relatable to real site conditions."

- Janet Keating-Connolly, LSP, ARCADIS US, Inc.

"I truly enjoyed the Midwest Geoscience Group 'Designing and Optimizing Groundwater Monitoring Systems in Sedimentary Sequences Part 3' webinar. It was really stimulating to listen to the applicability of fundamental geologic principles to real life case studies. The instructors did an outstanding job explaining vertical seepage rates and preferential flow paths in aquitards as well as emphasizing the importance of deposition in understanding sediment extent and connectivity. Other interesting concepts were the effect of buried weathering zones on groundwater movement and importance of not relying on soil classification alone when determining preferential pathways for groundwater and contaminant migration. I highly recommend this webinar."
- Ada Lichaa, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality

"My colleagues and I have been taking Midwest Geosciences Group's webinars for many years, and have always found them highly engaging, informative, and relevant to today's geologic and environmental issues. The webinars are extremely convenient and easy to view, and the staff are extremely professional, and clearly passionate about geosciences and customer service.

The buy three get three promotion is a fantastic deal - twice the knowledge and twice the great service!"

- Lisa Campbell, PG, CDM Smith, Inc. New York City

Congratulations to Lisa Smith and CDM Smith, Inc! They were the recipient of the 1,000th FREE WEBINAR in the Buy Three, Get Three (B3G3) Free Discount Program.

Midwest GeoSciences Group has given away 1,000 free webinars as part of the B3G3 discount program. Thank you to all those webinar participants who have joined us for our online educational experiences - we never take your participation for granted and we are grateful to serve you while helping to successfully achieve global stewardship.
- Midwest GeoSciences Group Team.

- Learn more about the B3G3 discount program

"Originally I ordered your webinars for the credits, until I realized I get more out of the 1.5 hours than most 8-hr classes I have attended."
- Anonymous Feedback Given on Post-Webinar Feedback Survey

"The no-purge webinar was a great overview of the strengths and limitations of volume purging, low-flow, and no-purge sampling methods. I recommend it for anyone who wants a better understanding of the no-purge sampling method and the theory behind how various no-purge sampling devises work."
- Kurt Van Appledorn, P.G., Engineering & Environmental Solutions, LLC

"As the site coordinator for the Midwest Geosciences Group 'No-Purge Groundwater Sampling' webinar, I received comments from several participants on how useful the seminar was and it got people talking about applying no purge sampling on some of our upcoming projects."
- Jeff Carter, Project Manager/Senior Geologist, SES Construction & Fuels Services LLC

"Thank you for putting on a great webinar presentation! It was very helpful and applicable to the sites we are working with. Thank you again."
- Melissa Reslock, EI, McGinnis and Associates, LLC

"MidwestGeo webinars are the "Gold Standard" for online geology training classes. They are becoming as recognizable as the word "Kleenex" but for the online geological education world."
- Gordon S. Magenheim, PG, CPG, CHMM, DML, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA)

"After attending your on-demand webinars, I'd like to thank you for making these excellent learning resources available online. The opportunity to share in the insights of leading geoscientists is rare, but thanks to you, a great body of such knowledge is available at any time. The webinars are a tremendous asset for raising the level of technical knowledge amongst geoscience practitioners and I commend you for your contribution."
- Arash. Janfada (AJ), M.Sc., P.Eng., Environmental Project Officer, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

"Thanks to MidwestGeo for great webinars! The content is very relevant for us, as an environmental consultancy. The presenters are very good and we appreciated the big welcome to the people watching in Ashgrove, Brisbane! We look forward to upcoming webinar(s)..."
- Lexine Webb, Office Manager; Waste Solutions Australia PTY LTD

Thank you for hosting the awesome webinar series on problematic contaminants! What an awesome wealth of experience and knowledge!
- Jessica Kastanek, Chemist, CH2M Hill

Tom Mohr hit it out of the park for a webinar, in my opinion. His devotion and thoroughness in the field of solvent stabilizers and 1,4-dioxane in particular, is incredible, and we are fortunate that he is so generous with his knowledge.
- Mark Levorsen, Principal Hydrogeologist, URS Corporation

I wanted to drop you a line saying how impressed I was with the speakers for the two recent webinars about Viruses in Groundwater and Bacteria in Groundwater. Having the real-time Q&A chat box really makes communicating with the speakers easy, and makes the webinars a full meal deal. Compared to sitting in a large meeting room where only the grey hairs tend to ask questions, the texting component really breaks down barriers to the younger budding scientists and engineers making it really easy for anyone to ask questions and get the most out of the presentation. Looking forward to many more webinars!
- Marta Green, B.Sc., P.Geo, Summit Environmental Consultants, Vernon, BC.

The Step-By-Step Packer Testing webinar was an excellent overview of why and how to perform a packer test. Even though it was a webinar, the material was presented in such a way that it felt hands-on. The presenter used lots of photos and in depth descriptions of what to look for during the setup, performance, and analysis of a packer test. The training received through Midwest Geosciences Group is unmatched. I very much appreciate the depth of their knowledge and their ability and willingness to share that knowledge with the professional community.
- Matthew N. Oedekoven, P.E., DeWild Reckert and Associates Company

Our professional staff of all experience levels enjoy these webinars. We each learn something new and useful. Thanks so much for offering these informative and insightful courses as an affordable option for training staff.
- Tracey Koach, Environmental Geologist, Sullivan International Group, Inc.

A very well executed online training session that enabled us to analyse existing pressure transducer data from a new perspective, gaining new knowledge about our wells and aquifers using data already collected. New concepts were quickly and easily understood thanks to the presentation and delivery of the speaker. Highly recommended for anyone working in groundwater monitoring programs.
- Graeme Henderson, Groundwater Technician, British Columbia Public Service

I kept thinking how cool it was to listen and learn from some of the best in the business
- Kurt Stauder, Geologist, Telesto Solutions, Inc.

Your webinars are excellent. I think your mission to help develop geologists is a great one.
- Donald Campbell, New York

Midwest GeoSciences Group does a terrific job in putting together such a great team and making possible the delivery of this series.
- Nino Aimo, M.Sc., P.Geol., (Ph.D.-ABD) Regional Hydrogeologist, Alberta Environment - Central Region

The extra handouts and reference papers are much appreciated and essentially turn a 90 minute webinar into a 1 to 2 day course if the participant follows up with the reading. This provides excellent value for the cost of the webinar
- Rob McLean, PEng., AEH, Inc.

The pump test webinars were a great success (for our staff). The most salient benefits included:
  • A simple and effective interactive interface - we were able to communicate with the presenter online during his presentation through typed messages
  • Reputable, well spoken authorities on the subject matter
  • Most importantly...highly detailed lecture material that is readily applicable to our work in formulating and interpreting pump tests and relevant data. I know that (our staff) is already implementing a lot of the learned practices into (their) work with evaluating augmentation wells
  • The knowledge learned is strongly based in both academia and professional experience (as it should be) and gives us a better developed understanding of synthesizing and optimizing pumptest data. This is important because it will make our professional findings and interpretations much more defensible. I'd even like to think that it give's us a competitive advantage in establishing ourselves as foremost hydro experts.
  • Keeps the geo-minds fresh and evolving and is beneficial to field techs as well in helping them understand how to best gather data in the field
  • Cheaper CEUs...than attending large functions Presentations included a variety of resources for hydro consulting that will be indispensable as we continue to utilize them
- Jeffrey H. Thomas, P.G. Moody and Associates, Inc.

The Midwest Geosciences Group live webinars provide an excellent medium for providing cost-effective training and education for a large number of our staff. Their well rounded and informative presentations cover a wide spectrum of up-to-date topics geared towards making our staff excel in the geosciences and environmental fields.
- Daniel J. Lombardi, P.G., Principal Hydrogeologist, St. John Mittelhauser & Associates, Inc.

My group recently completed your "Boring Logs; Making Soil Descriptions that are Complete, Accurate and Effective" webinar and we all found it very informative and worthwhile. I would definitely recommend this webinar to anyone needing to polish their existing boring log knowledge as well as to someone preparing them for the first time.
- Bryan Hann, Project Manager, Benchmark & Turnkey Companies, Inc

Webinars allow us to hear leading experts from Midwest GeoSciences Group teach a topic without us leaving the building...with no travel costs. Your webinar was well organized, user friendly, smooth, and had great graphics.
- Karen Nelson, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Our company has found the webinars offered by Midwest Geosciences to be very informative and cost effective. For one price we fill a large training room, where many of our engineers and scientists can view the webinar.

MidwestGeo webinars are informative, well presented, organized and easy to access. It could not be easier to stay informed and keep up on my professional development.

- Monica Westlake, AMEC Earth & Environmental

Midwest GeoSciences Group provides webinars that are convenient, easy to use, and cost-effective. With a wide variety of topics, presented by accredited, internationally-recognized speakers, I am able to hand pick courses that either expand my current knowledge base or keep me up to date in my particular area of expertise.

The fact that each webinar comes with handy reference material along with a post-webinar Q&A period is a major bonus. Judging by the audience described prior to each webinar I know I'm not the only one impressed with this method to obtain continuing education units.

- Mark Williams, PG, Senior Hydrogeologist and Manager of Environmental Services H2H Associates, LLC.

The environmental staff at Stanley Consultants have found the Midwest Geosciences webinars to be professionally done and worth the time. The topics are timely and relevant to our work and the presenters are excellent. For the price of one webinar, we get several people to attend who need to be up-to-speed on the topic.
- Cindy Quast, PE, Principal Environmental Engineer, Stanley Consultants

The Webinar on borehole flow meter techniques has been an excellent summary and assessment of the different techniques as well as valuable pointers from experienced speakers. A definite must before any work related to borehole flow meters begins! Many thanks.
- Janka Nitsche, PhD, School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queen's University, Belfast

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