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Dave Hart, Ph.D.

Dave Hart is an accomplished hydrogeologist/geophysicist with the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey and an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Dave's research is applied hydrogeologic science that serves local and state government, private citizens, and other interested parties, such as planning commissions and environmental consultants. His technical work includes hydrogeology, near-surface geophysics, and physical properties of geologic materials. His areas of research include wellhead protection, water use, the application of near-surface geophysics to geologic and hydrogeologic problems, development of techniques to understand the role of aquitards in flow systems, measuring flows in boreholes, and incorporating geology into the design of geothermal heat pump systems.

Dave is recognized for groundwater education designed for professionals internationally through Midwest GeoSciences Group and also university students across the United States. Dave is also a dynamic instructor for teaching teachers who want to learn to use an interactive groundwater model to demonstrate concepts such as flow through various types of materials.

Prior to joining the university, Dave worked as a hydrogeologist with Eder Associates.

Dave has numerous publications and professional reports with the WGNHS. Dave is also a co-author on the two-part book published by AWWA and pertinent to this online course, Assessment of Contaminant Transport Through Aquitards - Part A and B: "State of the Science" Report.

He is an associate editor for Ground Water and past president of the AWRA - Wisconsin Section. He is the recipient of the Marquee Webinar Instructor Award from Midwest GeoSciences Group. Dave is also a co-instructor with Tim Kemmis during the online course: Hydrogeology of Glacial Deposits, the webinar series, Designing and Optimizing Ground Water Monitoring System in Sedimentary Sequences, and the webinar series Hydrogeology of Aquitards and Low-Permeability Materials.
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