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Andrew Jacque, PhD

Andrew Jacque is an environmental engineer who conducts scientific investigations for municipal drinking water systems to determine the root cause(s) of degraded water quality in groundwater wells. His scientific approach uses techniques in the areas of environmental chemistry, microbiology, hydrogeology and engineering to determine whether a water quality problem is the result of an impaired aquifer, preferential flow region in the borehole, faulty or failed casing, or lack of borehole maintenance. His investigations include field sampling for microbiology and water quality, electrochemical analysis of borehole discharge, collection of well pumping and drawdown data, water sample processing and analysis, and microscopy. Results are analyzed based on fundamentally sound scientific principles, from a multi disciplinary perspective, and evaluated in light of additional data such as borehole televising records, geophysical investigations, aquifer studies/maps, related published studies, water system specific studies, and aquifer performance tests.

Andrew received his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1990. His career took him down the path of water/wastewater treatment and drinking water supply, working directly for municipalities or as a consultant. He returned to the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2005 to pursue MS and PhD degrees. In 2009, Andrew earned his PhD in environmental engineering with a minor in hydrogeology.

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