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Michael A.P. Kenrick, PE, LHG

Michael Kenrick is trained as a civil engineer and hydrogeologist who has developed his practical skills and applied knowledge over a long career in a number of market areas including groundwater resources, water supply, stormwater infiltration, dewatering for the mining and construction industries, and environmental work. He gained experience in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia before moving to Seattle in 1985 where he has been able to hone the application of hydrogeologic methods to groundwater issues in the Pacific Northwest and within the Americas.

Understanding well hydraulics has been a passion for Michael since being asked as a young engineer to run his first pumping test and develop a dewatering approach for a new nuclear power station in the UK. This has led to a keen interest in understanding and solving the nuances of pumping tests and well testing in particular, where observation wells may be limited or unavailable, forcing more of a focus on analysis of the drawdown and recovery occurring in pumping wells and injection wells. Michael has relied on searching out appropriate technical literature and finding solutions to apply in solving practical groundwater problems, especially related to well hydraulics.

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