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Molly Mills

Molly Mills is a Technical Support and Field Services Specialist at In-Situ Inc. Molly has extensive experience with habitat manipulations and restorations in Montana, Colorado, Arizona and California, working with both government agencies and private firms.

Molly is recognized for her expertise with terrestrial and aquatic habitat manipulation, baseline and long term studies, water quality surveys, hydrological studies, soil studies, ecotoxicology tests, laboratory experience, project permitting, aquaculture production, EIS studies, NEPA documents, EPA projects, sport fish studies, and endangered species studies. In addition to my experiences in the field, I have a Fisheries Biology degree from Colorado State University, specializing in habitat and restoration.

With a BS from Colorado State University, Molly is highly sought after as a field technician for deployments and repairs, instructor and presenter at trade shows and trainings, telemetry specialist, and product development input.

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