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The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests (2nd Edition)
By Jim Butler, PhD

Includes a personalized note and signed by the author

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2nd Edition Errata
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2nd Edition Slug Test Data
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The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests, Second Edition explains virtually all there is to know regarding the design, performance, and analysis of the most common well test for determining hydraulic conductivity: Slug Testing

The first edition has become the standard reference for all aspects of slug tests. It has positively changed project outcomes and helped professionals become responsible stewards of our precious water resources by promoting best practices.

The Second Edition contains updated information and expands the focus with new developments where slug testing is applied in applications related to contaminant assessment.

New Features:

  • Presents the eight key steps for conducting reliable slug tests.
  • Describes new methods for the analysis of tests in unconfined aquifers and in highly permeable settings.
  • Expands topical coverage of LNAPL baildown tests and slug tests in small diameter wells.
  • Includes numerous flow charts that illustrate easy-to-use strategies for selection of analysis methods, and field examples demonstrate how each method should be used to get the most out of test data.
  • Contains new straightforward practical guidelines that summarize the major points of each chapter.

Written for practicing groundwater consultants and engineers, The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests, Second Edition enables readers to achieve more reliable information from slug tests and widen the application of this common field method.

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The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests
(2nd Edition)
by Jim Butler, PhD

Please note:
Signed books by Jim Butler will not be available for books ordered between March 7 and July 15, 2022. Books will still be available for purchase but they will not be signed by the author during that time.

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"Jim's book is great. I wished I'd had both the Field Guide for Slug Testing and Jim's slug testing book 33 years ago when I first started practicing hydrogeology. Back then I was in the dark. My boss gave me the Bouwer and Rice paper and said go figure it out. I had no idea what I was doing. But, Jim explains it all so well. Many thanks to Jim Butler!!! I am a better hydro now than ever after Jim's help."
- David Sheil, Sheil Engineering, Inc.

"Jim Butler's Second Edition of The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Testing is THE main point of reference for all things slug testing! It is so popular in our office that I just lost it to a coworker, who has yet to return it (but will!). Based on the techniques described in the first edition, we have continuously modified how we do our slug tests and our understanding of test data."
- Lynn D. Green, Principal Engineering Geologist / Hydrologist, EVREN Northwest, Inc.

"Jim Butler's new edition of The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Test is one of the best resources I have in my work place library. Performing slug tests is very important in the environmental field and his new book presents many new developments and guidelines for conducting tests and analyzing the data. I highly recommend Jim's book."
- Daniel J. Lombardi, P.G. Principal Hydrogeologist, St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates, Inc.

Jim Butler is the author of "The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests" (Second Edition). He currently is a Senior Scientist in the Geohydrology Section of the Kansas Geological Survey at the University of Kansas, where he has worked for over 30 years.

His research interests include aquifer testing, assessment of aquifers that support irrigated agriculture, high-resolution subsurface characterization, well responses to natural and anthropogenic stimuli, and the role of phreatophytes in stream-aquifer systems.

Jim holds a B.S. in Geology from the College of William and Mary, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Applied Hydrogeology from Stanford University. Jim was the 2007 Darcy Distinguished Lecturer of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), the 2009 Pioneers in Groundwater Award honoree by the American Society of Civil Engineers - Environmental and Water Resources Institute, and, most recently, the 2020 recipient of NGWA's M. King Hubbert Award.

Jim helps advance the environmental and engineering industry through teaching professionals about both slug and pumping tests. Jim has taught over 40 courses with Midwest GeoSciences Group, all of which were focused on applied issues of interest to practicing professionals.

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