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Everyone is working from home these days and we can help you get training at home or remotely.

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Available with your Subscription:
Subsurface Characterization Strategies (11 webinars)
Aquifer Testing (27 webinars)
Ground Water Monitoring System Design (4 webinars)
Ground Water Modeling (2 webinars)
Engineering Geology (6 webinars)
Vapor Intrusion (4 webinars)
Hydrogeology Of Glacial Deposits Webinar Series (5 webinars)
Environmental And Engineering Field Testing (10 webinars)
Contaminant Characterization And Remediation (9 webinars)
Contaminants Of Concern (23 webinars)
Ground Water Statistical Analysis (5 webinars)
Environmental Forensics (2 webinars)
Ethics (8 webinars)
Project Management And Leadership Development (24 webinars)
Drones (4 webinars)
Google Earth (6 webinars)

Unlimited Access Subscription: Feedback
"We are a Water Resource Management department and (we) review groundwater license applications; (specifically...) pump tests, field tests, hydrogeological reports.

MidwestGeo training helps our hydrogeological knowledge to understand how different aquifer types were formed and their geological characteristics. It also helps us to continue expanding our knowledge of modern technologies and emerging techniques for assessing complex hydrogeologic systems. It is a great opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field of hydrogeology in an accessible manner. The training topics assist us in reviewing and interpreting the data and reports submitted by qualified professionals and then compare them for quality and industry standards.

The online training is easy to access and it helps to have 24-hour access to the same webinar. Plus, it is been a convenient way for our staff to gain professional development hours for the upkeep of their professional designations."

- Yun Yin, Ph.D., P.Geo., Regional Hydrogeologist, North Area
Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development
British Columbia, Canada

"Our behalf of our entire company, thank you to Midwest GeoSciences Group for helping our technical staff with online training of geoscience-based field skills. Your training is remarkable.

We appreciate the relevant topics that relate directly to our work. The instructors are excellent teachers and communicators with brilliant content.

COVID-19 forced everyone to work from home, and our (500+) staff were able to make the most of their time when work was a little slow. Staff completed training at home when it fit their schedule and its already benefiting our projects and company."

- Anonymous Unlimited Access Subscriber

Questions: Call Midwest GeoSciences Group at 763.607.0092 or email at