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On-Demand Webinar Subscription

"I have found the MidwestGeo Webinars the best I have ever attended."
- Sam W., J Engineering

MidwestGeo introduces you to an exclusive MidwestGeo Members-Only special:
Subscription to On-Demand Webinars.

Choose the option that best serves you, your office or your entire company. Pay one low price, expand your knowledge base, and gain unlimited access to your choice more than 100 on-demand webinars from our complete catalog, during a 15-month subscription period.

For individual use only, not to be used with groups. Promotional Credits are released to the Registered Account Holder for individual use only. Access to on-demand webinars is immediate.

For groups of two or more participants at a single site location. Promotional Credits are released to Registered Site Coordinator for unlimited number of people participating at a single site. Access to on-demand webinars is immediate.

As of June 1, 2020, the Corporate User Subscription is re-designed and re-priced to accommodate for employees working from home. Access and pricing is based on the number of participants and the assigned number of webinars per person. Access to on-demand webinars is immediate.

As of June 1, 2020, the Unlimited Access Subscription works perfect to accommodate a large number of employees working from home. Webinars are available to anyone, anytime, from anywhere. Access to on-demand webinars is immediate.

A private-access webpage is prepared for your company with instructions for your staff to access on-demand webinars at their site location. Individual webinar management and monitoring is included in this option.

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Standard Terms and Conditions Apply. Terms are located here.

Choose the subscription option that best suits your needs and click on the Order Button. Complete the registration form and your receipt will contain Promotional Codes according to the designated number of subscribed on-demand webinars.

For SINGLE-USER SUBSCRIPTIONS, keep the Promotional Codes in your possession until you are ready to use them. Once you are ready to watch an on-demand webinar, order the webinar using the Promotional Code (no other payment information will be required). Promotional Codes are valid for 15 months after your order date and may be used for any on-demand webinar, one at a time. Just make sure you log into your MidwestGeo Membership Account to apply's easy!

For CORPORATE AND UNLIMITED ACCESS SUBSCRIPTIONS, both are governed by a designee from a company. A PORTAL (landing page) contains contact information and instructions for accessing On-Demand webinars.

Use the form below to order your subscription today!


You and your work are important. It's our privilege to respond to those who are working at home, self-isolating from COVID-19, or just trying to be as efficient with your time as possible.

That's why Midwest GeoSciences Group is radically reducing the price while adding more webinars to our SINGLE-USER SUBSCRIPTION program and CORPORATE-USER SUBSCRIPTION program. Plus, the UNLIMITED ACCESS is a priceless value for companies who want to provide large numbers of people with unlimited online training. We wish you good health and success, always.

Single User Options
On-Demand Webinars Period of Use Total Price Per Webinar Price
15 15 months $1185.00 $79.00
5 15 months $570.00 $114.00
Site User Options
Temporarily Suspended due to most people socially distancing
On-Demand Webinars Period of Use Total Price Per Webinar Price
25 15 months $2100.00 $84.00
10 15 months $940.00 $94.00
5 15 months $670.00 $134.00
Corporate User Options
On-Demand Webinars Period of Use Total Price Per Webinar Price
99 15 months $7326.00 $74.00
50 15 months $3950.00 $79.00
25 15 months $2100.00 $84.00

A PORTAL WILL BE CREATED and available with two business days.
Webinars are available to anyone, anytime, from anywhere. Access to on-demand webinars is immediate.

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or, Contact Us for Pricing
phone: 763.607.0092

Unlimited Access Subscription: Feedback
"We are a Water Resource Management department and (we) review groundwater license applications; (specifically...) pump tests, field tests, hydrogeological reports.

MidwestGeo training helps our hydrogeological knowledge to understand how different aquifer types were formed and their geological characteristics. It also helps us to continue expanding our knowledge of modern technologies and emerging techniques for assessing complex hydrogeologic systems. It is a great opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field of hydrogeology in an accessible manner. The training topics assist us in reviewing and interpreting the data and reports submitted by qualified professionals and then compare them for quality and industry standards.

The online training is easy to access and it helps to have 24-hour access to the same webinar. Plus, it is been a convenient way for our staff to gain professional development hours for the upkeep of their professional designations."

- Yun Yin, Ph.D., P.Geo., Regional Hydrogeologist, North Area
Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development
British Columbia, Canada

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