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On-Demand Webinars: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the On-Demand Webinars?
The On-Demand Webinars are the library of webinars recorded during their live broadcast. Midwest GeoSciences Group recorded the live events and now they are available in the On-Demand Webinars.

What can I expect during a recorded webinar?
Recorded webinars are video and audio recordings of the original live event. You can watch the webinar on your screen and listen to the instructor's voice through your computer speakers. You and your colleagues can follow along and take notes using your copy of the Webinar Session Slides.

How many people can watch a recorded webinar?
As of June 1, 2020, webinars are priced for individuals working alone. For Subscriptions, the Single User and the Corporate User programs apply but the Site User is not available until further notice. Please note that the Corporate User Subscriptions do not allow electronic sharing of any kind (see posted Terms and Conditions); Corporate User pricing is temporarily discounted during the COVID-19 social distancing suggestions and/or restrictions. Call or email for pricing based on group access and objectives.

May I post webinar slides to my company's intranet?
No. Posting the slides on the internet or internal company intranet or similar would be considered unauthorized distribution and an infringement of the copyright protection.

The purpose of the Webinar Slides are to use a reference and record for those who attended the webinar and we support distribution of the slides to those who attended the webinar. Copying, posting, or holding the files in an online forum is prohibited.

We support your and your colleague's participation of webinars and make discounted access available through site coordinator accounts. If your colleagues who have not participated in a webinar want access to the slides for their personal use, we ask that you direct them to our website to select and participate in live or recorded webinar events.

What are the 'Terms and Conditions' for participating in a Webinar / Online Event?
Below is the Full 'Terms and Conditions':

    Pricing is discounted for individual registrations for people working alone.

    Pay one site registration fee for access by one computer per person. Registrant shall not share viewing the online broadcast event.

    Pursuant to the rights granted under the copyright laws of the U.S., registrant is only granted the right to view the broadcast event on one computer. Any other use of the broadcast event is a violation of the copyright in the broadcast event and MidwestGeo is prepared to utilize all remedies available under the copyright laws when it becomes aware of such a violation. Registrant cannot make an audio and/or video recording of any portion of the broadcast event. Registrant cannot rebroadcast and/or retransmit any portion of the broadcast event.

    If registrant screen shares any portion of the broadcast event, registrant agrees that registrant will pay MidwestGeo: (1) a non-discounted registration fee for each additional location and/or computer that viewed any portion of the broadcast event, (2) a penalty of $450 for each additional location and/or computer that viewed any portion of the broadcast event and (3) all legal and/or collection expenses incurred in conjunction with MidwestGeo collecting the unpaid registration fees and the penalties.

    MidwestGeo reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate to prevent and/or stop infringement of the intellectual property included in and/or associated with the broadcast event including preventing and/or terminating access to the broadcast event.

    Registrant agrees that MidwestGeo shall not be liable for any actual and/or consequential damages resulting from the inability of registrant to access the broadcast event other than a refund of the registration fee paid by registrant. Such a refund will only be issued if MidwestGeo determines that registrant has not breached the terms and conditions for accessing the broadcast event.

    MidwestGeo recognizes that many of the broadcast event participants may be registered in their profession and that participation in the MidwestGeo broadcast event may be done to accumulate credits that are needed to maintain the professional registrations. Many of the organizations that handle such professional registrations have adopted a code of conduct to which all members must obey.

    MidwestGeo reserves the right to notify such professional organizations when it becomes aware of a member acting in manner that MidwestGeo believes breaches the code of conduct such as obtaining unauthorized access to the MidwestGeo broadcast event(s) and/or claiming continuing education credits when not properly registered for the MidwestGeo broadcast event(s).

    Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

    Third party broadcast event orders, purchases, and access is prohibited. "Third party" is defined as a person or organization who is ordering, purchasing, or accessing broadcast events on behalf of someone else. Special permission may be granted in writing from MidwestGeo per order. Infringement penalties match those for electronic sharing or recording.

    Registration for broadcast events is closed 3 business days prior to the live event date. If you are attempting to register within the 3 days before the seminar begins, please contact customer service at to see if space is available. Late registrations will be assessed a $25.00 late registration fee in addition to the normal registration fee.

    No refunds for No-Shows; however a Promotional Code is administered automatically to the registrant to access a missed course module when a live broadcast event is missed.

    Cancellations will be honored in full at least 45 days before the live event date. Cancellations within 45 days, but before the first live course module will be charged 65 percent. Cancellations for webinar series exceeding two webinars allow cancellation after the second course module but before the third module but will be charged 80 percent. No refunds after the third course module.

    If a technical difficulty occurs beyond the control of Midwest GeoSciences Group or the instructors, registrants agree to re-schedule the web seminar without refund or discount. Individual circumstances will be considered in case of technical difficulties.

    Northern Illinois University administers the CEUs for eligible broadcast event events. Broadcast event participants who are engaged in the full duration of each broadcast event and have completed and signed a copy of the Record of Attendance Form may be eligible for ordering an official certificate from NIU. Refer to the Code of Conduct (No. 1) above.

How do I document group attendance?
Each webinar includes a Record of Attendance Form that may be used for documenting all attendee's participation. Use the Record of Attendance Form for your own record keeping. Each participant is welcome to complete their portion of the form followed by having a witness sign it to verify their attendance. We suggest making copies of the completed and signed form(s) and then distributing it to the participants for their own safe keeping.

What is the Record of Attendance Form?
The free Record of Attendance Form is included with every webinar and serves as documentation and witness of your participation. It may serve as written proof of attendance for licensure programs that require continuing education units. Check with your licensure program for documentation requirements.

Can I obtain an official Continuing Education Certificate?
Yes. Official CEU certificates are available for purchase from Northern Illinois University immediately following each webinar, however you can use the free Record of Attendance Forms for your own documentation of attendance. CEU Certificates are not required but are available to those who want to go the extra mile with additional documentation.

Can the whole group get CEU certificates?
Yes. Extra certificates may be ordered for $14.95 each immediately following the webinar for an unlimited number of participants. Site Coordinators are responsible for ordering CEU Certificates from Northern Illinois University for the additional participants who attend and are engaged in the entire session. A witness signature is required to confirm participation by the Site Coordinator. The Site Coordinator is responsible for managing distribution of the individual certificates.

How long are the Promotion Credits good for?
Both live and recorded webinar credits are good for 15 months from the original order date.

How long are the free webinar credits good for?
Both live and recorded webinar credits are good for 15 months from the original order date.

Once I purchase an on-demand webinar, how do I access it?
You have immediate access to the webinar as soon as you complete your purchase.

How long will I have access to the on-demand webinar?
You will have up to 30 days to 'begin' viewing the webinar and once viewing has begun, a 24 hour window to complete it.

How soon do I need to order certificates?
CEU certificates are optional, and not required for any webinar. But if you want to order an official CEU certificate from Northern Illinois University for yourself, you must order your certificates following the webinar from NIU. NIU requires people to order their own certificates.

If you forget to order a certificate after watching the webinar, you must either watch it again within the 24-hour time limit or re-purchase the webinar to gain access to the certificate order form.

How long does it take Northern Illinois University to administer the CEUs?
Once you order the CEU Certificates immediately following the webinar, the CEU Certificate(s) will be sent by email within 10 business days to the Site Coordinator.

How do I earn Continuing Education Units for the Webinar?
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) can be earned from by participating and engaging in the webinar.

Again, most state license programs recognize the free Record of Attendance Form that's included with every MidwestGeo live and on-demand webinar, however if you want to go the extra mile and order an official certificate, click the link to NIU that goes "live" in your MidwestGeo Membership Account found associated with each of your completed (past) webinars. Northern Illinois University administers the CEUs and qualifies the certificate.

What extra material is included with the online webinar?
Each webinar includes the following, at a minimum:

  - PDF file of Webinar Slide Session, downloadable
  - PDF file of the Record of Attendance Form, downloadable
  - Option to receive one CEU Certificate from Northern Illinois University
  - Option to order additional CEU Certificates

Some webinars include extra reference material available as a downloadable PDF file.

Who are the instructors?
Midwest GeoSciences Group is very selective about our instructors. We aim for professionals who are recognized experts in their field of study coupled with a high-level of teaching ability and desire to help improve our profession.

Can I view the on-demand webinar more than once?
Yes, you can view the on-demand webinar an unlimited number of times during the 24 hours that you have access to it. However, it may only be viewed using the same computer during the 24 hour period.

You can broadcast an on-demand webinar in the morning, then again in the afternoon, and even again in the evening - but each time on the same computer. The spirit of this term is restricted to the individual user who registers for a webinar, not a rotation of different people watching from the same or different computers. There's no need to jeopardize yourself, your co-workers, your/their professional license, or your company when we do our part to help you access these events at discounted pricing.

Do on-demand webinars cover the same information as live webinars?
Yes. On-Demand webinars are recordings of the live webinar.

Can I return my webinar once I order it?
Once an on-demand webinar has been accessed and viewed, no returns are allowed.

What happens when I find a Promotional Code allowing for a discount after I've already registered for a webinar?
Promotional Codes will be honored for live events when applied at least 10 days before the live event, with a $40 deduction from the value of the code. Promotional Codes will be honored in full at the time of registration for On-Demand Webinars but are not eligible retroactive discounting after registration.

I experienced the live version of the webinar; can I get the on-demand version for a discount?
The live versions of webinars do not include access to it's archive.

What is the "Order 3, Get 3" promotion for Webinars?
After you order 3 live or recorded webinars, you get three more for free. You can order each webinar one at a time. You MUST sign-in to your Midwest GeoSciences' Member Account when you place your order, and our member's only section will count and track your webinars so you know how many you accumulate at any time!

What happens if I'm missing past purchased webinars in my account?
You can add past purchased webinar orders that were missed using your account to order them and apply them toward the B3G3 discounting when:

  • past orders are less than 15 months old
  • they are eligible for the B3G3 discounting based on the original purchase price of $299 each

An administrative fee of $99.00 USD will be charged to cover retro-payment processing. Just send an email to with a list of your past purchased webinar orders and we will contact you to make the adjustment.

What should I do if my account doesn't show all of my credits?
If you believe that you were not properly credited for a webinar purchase, please review the following:

  • Review your receipt to ensure that you didn't accept a different credit for your purchase. Some webinar combinations have their own promotion discount which, when accepted, do not allow for a webinar credit.
  • Review your receipt to ensure that you were signed-in to your member account and that your purchase qualified for a credit. If it did, directly under your receipt's "Total Charges" line, you will see something like; "Promotion Credit: 1 - Buy 3, Get 3 Free Webinar Credit(s) will be applied to your account".

  • IF YOU FIND THAT YOU HAVE AN ORDER WITHIN THE PAST 12 MONTHS that was not credited to your account, send your receipt or order number to: Midwest GeoSciences Group charges $99 to retro-credit your account for valid orders that were not placed with your account.

Can I share my webinar access?
No. On-Demand webinars are accessed using the purchaser's unique information and therefore webinars cannot be shared.

You can broadcast the recorded webinar in a conference room or auditorium for an unlimited number of participants from a single computer, for no extra charge!

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