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On-Demand Webinars

Geological Mapping, Land Surveying, and other Applications

Discover the Possibilities.....
...and the Potential Risks

Discover the new frontier about drones for the environmental and engineering industry. More appropriately called small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), drones are becoming a commercial enterprise for geophysical, geoscientific and engineering companies.

Drone Technology

Drone design is virtually limitless. The wide variability of type and size allows for a wide spectrum of applications. Learn about the drone design and different manufacturers and service providers. And more importantly, discover the pros and cons for geoscientific and engineering applications.

If you are considering using drones for your business,
you do not want to miss this webinar series.

Drone Applications

Drones are being used for geological and topographic mapping, coastal inspection, hillslope assessment, disaster damage assessment, water resource mapping, extracted resource and construction asset management, infrastructure corridor surveys, vertical structure inspections, and precision agriculture.

Geophysical applications are growing quickly too. Drones equipped with magnetic, electromagnetic, infrared, ground penetrating radar, and natural gamma ray sensors have several advantages over conventional airborne geophysics including higher resolution and improved location accuracy at a reduced risk to field personnel and, in many cases, at much lower cost.

Drone Regulations

Hobbyists are not regulated in the same way as businesses. Businesses are regulated according to Federal Aviation Administration rules. The legal elements for using drones in a business vary depending on a spectrum of factors. Liability Insurance and risk management is a critical component for businesses.

Despite the excitement about this new frontier with big potential,
it also includes unique regulatory restrictions and liabilities
for businesses.

Commercial drone business is poised to soar. If you are considering incorporating drones into your business or hiring a drone operator for a project, there are virtually limitless choices. This webinar series provides list of resources about drone access and service providers.

Register now and launch your knowledge about the possibilities.


Part Three builds upon the first two modules. Learn about processing and analytical techniques for getting the most out of the photogrammetry and infrared data acquired with a drone through a series of real world examples demonstrating the practical application to land surveying, geological mapping, and precision agriculture.

This module provides information on the relevant issues impacting the expanded application of drones. We will present and discuss new technologies that are likely to emerge during the next couple of years and distribute a list of the resources for UAS, sensors, software, training, and service providers.

Key Webinar Elements:
  • Drone technology applied to land surveying, geological mapping, and precision agriculture
  • Integrating of drones into the industrial work flow
  • Trends in emerging technologies and the safe utilization of drones
  • List of resources for UAS, sensors, software, training, and mission service providers

Instructors Bio

Ron Bell, President & Consulting Geophysicist, Aerobotic Geophysical Systems, LLC

Ron Bell is consulting geophysicist and an entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience acquiring, processing, visualizing, and interpreting airborne, ground, and borehole geophysical data for subsurface characterization as well for groundwater, mineral, and hydrocarbon resource exploration. In 2013, he began researching the use of drones for photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geophysical data acquisition. He formed Aerobotic Geophysical Systems, LLC in 2014 to provide geological mapping and environmental site investigations services employing small UAS. Mr. Bell holds a BS in Applied Physics from Michigan Technological University.

Fee: 249.00 USD Per Webinar

Downloads: Session Slides (PDF)
Record of Attendance Form (PDF)

Number of Participants: Unlimited from a single computer (Broadcast webinar in your conference room or auditorium for no extra charge)

Continuing Education Certificates: Unlimited. $14.95 each. Official CEU certificates are available as an option and only available at the time of webinar participation from Northern Illinois University. Ordering steps are given at time of webinar order.

Access: On-demand, anytime 24/7.
Access Duration: 24 hours.

Discounts: Buy 3 on-demand webinars, and get 3 on-demand webinars for free!

Duration: 60 minutes
PDH Earned: 1.0 hours
Instructor(s): Ron Bell

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