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Understanding the Complexities of
Glacial Sedimentary Sequences


You have a choice about watching a live webinar or a recorded webinar. If you register for the live event and then later change your mind and opt for the recorded webinar, the system will simply recognize that you did not log into the live event and it will send you instructions about logging into the recorded webinar (when it's available, about two days later).

If you have a large group at your location and if you already know that someone cannot attend the live event due to a schedule conflict, then you can add and pre-purchase access to the recorded event for $99. The $99 pre-purchase price is only available at the time of the live webinar registration - that way you and your staff can access both the live and the recorded event to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Nearly every MidwestGeo webinar is recorded and made available as an On-Demand Webinar.

We intend to record the "Understanding the Complexities of Glacial Sedimentary Sequences" Series. If your schedule conflicts with the timing of a live module, you can still order the entire series anytime for the discounted price until December 06, 2018. Missed modules can be accessed using a private portal to view the recorded version while the series is being offered.

The pre-purchase discount is only available for those who purchase the live event. This special webinar series is discounted appreciably and the pre-purchase is approximately the same price.

For information may be found online at

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