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Are you a frustrated project manager,
group leader,or business owner?

Then you can relate to this...

  • Tired of people not being accountable?
  • Tired of spending so much time managing others you sacrifice your time?
  • Tired of working so hard and making so little?

I have unearthed a that REALLY works.
I'll stake my reputation on it!

It's in the Truby Management System from our friends, Bill and Joann Truby.

The Truby Management System

is designed to use common sense principles to solve everyday problems. It's a proven system that's helped thousands of people. Implementing the teachings and tools is simple, and easily become a way of life.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is pleased to be an affiliate of Truby Achievements and open the door for you into this world of abundant success.


TMS is not a time-consuming program you learn...and then get back to work. Instead, it is a way to do what you already do...differently.

That's why it doesn't take a lot of time. It is an approach with four decades of proven success, fueled by ancient wisdom, that shows you how to make simple, common sense adjustments in your leadership and management processes.

These "mind shifts" prompted me with immediate behavior adjustments resulting with a new personal ability that made work and life so much better. - Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM.

The magic happens by implementing The Truby Management System, then learning additional leadership skillsets to maximize its success.

Key indicators of positive results include:

  • Reduced leadership time
  • Increased morale and retention
  • Team members work with relentless accountability
  • Growth of your business
  • Increased efficiency, and
  • Greater profitability

...all while enjoying a leadership and management confidence few people possess.

Free Sample Tutorial

This is among my favorite tutorials because The Power of the Chair always exists, and this is a great example of how a "mind shift" works. Check out this 9-minute tutorial. - Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM.

Membership gives you 60+ video tutorials... plus a vast amount of other personal resources!

If you have questions about how the system works -or- if you need some help to nudge your employer to create a membership for you or your team (or entire company), feel free to call me. I can personally attest to the power of The Truby Management System and the value it brings to me, my work, and my home.

Dan Kelleher
Midwest GeoSciences Group
Phone: 763.607.0092

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