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Are you aiming for a promotion?
Did you already get promoted to Project Manager?
Have you arrived at Executive Leadership?

"It's natural for people in our industry to become managers because they are able to do their job well, but ability to manage workloads, contractors, and clients are not the same as managing people but you have to do both."
- Kerry-Anne Pumphery, Blue Frog Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Kerry-Anne is right. People chosen for promotions in the environmental and engineering industry are expected to manage people as well as they manage contracts and workloads. But where does that training come from?

Managing projects and leading teams
is not as intuitive as good leaders make it look.

Managing yourself is a science, an art, and a personal awareness that nobody is naturally born with; yet it's the key to success in every aspect of life.

Set yourself up for success by learning a different mindset. If you want a promotion or are discovering those inevitable moments struggling with a "less than high-performance team" (yes, you know what that means), then make this priceless investment that will reap rewards during your entire career.

Great leaders are marked by their thirst for
learning better-and-better leadership strategies.

Just like the technical mastery we all aim at in environmental and engineering work, the "people part" is also a science that leads to "doing and selling", leading high-performance teams, and a happier (and more simple) life.

Do it now. Dive into it and reap some rewards before the end of today.

The Truby Management System

is designed for people looking to become managers, better managers, and superb leaders. It's used by professionals in the environmental and engineering industry ranging from small business entrepreneurs to senior executive leadership in some of the largest companies in the world.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is pleased to be an affiliate of Truby Achievements and open the door for you into this world of abundant success.

How do you manage yourself in a "blink"?

Here's an example...

Free Sample Tutorial

This is among my favorite tutorials because The Power of the Chair always exists, and this is a great example of how a "mind shift" works. Check out this 9-minute tutorial. - Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM.

Membership gives you 60+ video tutorials... plus a vast amount of other personal resources!

If you have questions about how the system works -or- if you need some help to nudge your employer to create a membership for you or your team (or entire company), feel free to call me. I can personally attest to the power of The Truby Management System and the value it brings to me, my work, and my home.

Do you have questions about this program, the benefits, or the instructors? Then call me.

Dan Kelleher
Midwest GeoSciences Group
Phone: 763.607.0092

Bill and Joann Truby
Co-founders of Truby Achievements, Inc.

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